About the Filmmaker

Lucky Joe Rodrigues a.k.a. Don KirkDon Kirk lasted just one semester in the Corps of Cadets, because the architecture curriculum and Corps activities didn’t mix very well (like vodka and diesel fuel). But he spent six good years at A&M and then three more years in the Army during the Vietnam War (not so good). When he got out, he practiced Architecture while also working in commercials and motion pictures. And on the side, he did Pen & Ink artwork and computer graphics. He’s also an Old West fan (see photo above) and collects everything western. He bought a Bolex Super-8mm camera in the summer of 1969 and made several films at A&M, including "A Bonfire Flick" and two silent westerns. He has written screenplays and several books, now available at

Don with his Beetle in 1983.

Don Kirk in front of his 1969 Beetle.
(1969 was the year of Woodstock and the Greatest of all Aggie Bonfires!)
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